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How to get a M3U playlist

1. BEFORE you BUY a subscription package you MUST register in the IPTV PANEL. To do that you must click on Login panel in the main menu

2. You will then be redirected to the IPTV Control panel. Press REGISTER.

3.  Provide all the details  for the registration and click on the CAPTCHA thick button to confirm you are not a bot:

4. After succesfully registering you will be notified for that. Now press Login and fill in your username and password you have registered already in the previous step.

5. Now is the moment when you have to choose and BUY a subscription plan.
*NOTE: In the paying process of the Subscription package you will be asked to provide "Username in panel" - this is the Username you have just registered in the IPTV panel.

6. When you already have bought a plan you have to press Login and fill in your username and password you have registered already in the previous step.
7. You will now be logged into your IPTV Panel. In the upper right corner you will see your credits (NOTE: You might have to wait for a while before the credits appear in the control panel after the payment is done). Now press Create New Line.

8. You have to choose a SUBSCRIPTION plan now according to the credit you have paid.
- Select package to assign to this line - this the package you want to subscribe to - 24 hours/1 month/3 months/6 months/12 months
- Package contains - this is the list of channels you will have (you cannot edit this, it is only for your information)
- Select line type - Select line type - select the Official Line Type
- Click button "Create line"

9. Now when you created the Line you have to click on "Manage lines"

10. You will now see your new created line which is ready to be used by your IPTV receiver. Click on the green arrow in the right corner to get your M3U channel playlist

11. A pop-up screen will appear where you have to select what device you are using. To use VLC Player or other video player you have to select M3U --> MPEGTS - Default

12. A pop-up window with a LINK to your M3U playlist appears. Copy (Ctrl+C / right-click Copy) that LINK and Paste (Ctrl+V / right-click Paste) it into your Internet Browser and press ENTER

13. The Internet Browser will ask you to download the M3U playlist - Save the file.

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